• Carmen Hill aka Ms. Sherlock Homes can show you how to get free government money as a renter, homebuyer, or investor. Check the calendar below for upcoming workshops and be sure to check out the Real Estate Investments Course!

  • Hear what others have to say about Ms. Sherlock Homes:

    "Professor Hill will help you seal the deal! I really, really enjoy her classes. She will provide you with access to powerful resources that enable you to secure awesome deals for yourself or your clients. She is doing wonderful things for our community."

    -S. Leffall, former student & current real estate agent

    "Since I’ve been hanging around Carmen, I have been making more money."

    -Mel Bailey, Apartment Owner

  • Upcoming Events

    Highly anticipated Investor, Renter, and Homebuyer Workshops are coming up over the next couple of months.

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    Not able to attend a workshop? No problem! You can purchase the exact workbooks used in each workshop for only $25 and have them delivered straight to your door! This price includes shipping.

  • Radio Show

    Carmen Hill is a regular guest on the radio show Inner Vision on KPFK-90.7FM. This month, she spoke about down payment assistance programs.