• Real Estate Investments Course

    Carmen Hill offers classes and workshops on real estate investing.

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  • See testimonials from previous students:

    "The education I got from your class, in particular, the special [rent assistance] programs for landlords saved me during the pandemic. I’ve continued to collect rents while some owners are complaining about their tenants not paying.”
    “Thank you for teaching me more than I learned after spending over $12,000 on a comparable class.”
    “Your one class was more valuable to me than my law school classes since your course material can be applied to the real world”.
    “Every class provides useful, practical information. Ms. Hill is 100x better than any 'guru' that charges $30-50K!”
    "Professor Hill was able to break down the complicated numbers game of investing into terms and concepts that were easy to understand. I learned the importance of maximizing cash flow and the effect on property value."
    "The class gave me the knowledge to help my clients to submit solid offers to purchase income property."
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  • Not able to attend the Real Estate Investments Course?

    Order the workbook that includes the basic investment principles covered in the course: "Buying Income Property--The Basics."

    Buying Income Property—the Basics

    Buying Income Property—the Basics

    Get the tools you need to sell & purchase income property! This workbook teaches you all of the major keys of buying income property in order to help you answer the key question: does the return outweigh the risk? It covers the material in the Real Estate Investments 18-Week Course by Ms. Sherlock Homes.
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