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    Whether you are are looking to buy a home or an investment property, Ms. Sherlock Homes will find the best deal for you! See what others have to say about putting Ms. Sherlock Homes on their cases:

  • Homebuyer Testimonials

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    "Coming home to your own peaceful space is priceless. I finally feel like I have something to show for all the years of schooling and student loans. Every time I make a left turn onto my street I smile. I've never been happier."

    Elsa Rodriguez, first-time homebuyer

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    “You worked your butt off for us. We will recommend you to everyone. It wouldn’t have happened without you — other agents had given up on us. We love our new home! ”

    Andy and Barbara, first-time homebuyers

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    “I cannot thank you enough for your help. The condo I purchased was the best I have seen since beginning the house hunt with another agent 2.5 years ago.”

    Bakari Burton, homebuyer

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    “Thank you for all of your help. You were phenomenal and had a keen sense of my needs and wants before I even realized what they were. That was comforting and encouraging. You were so well-informed and knowledgeable, and I am eternally grateful for having met you. My experience was completely unlike what I was told to expect by other homeowners. ”

    Emmy Neacsu, first-time homebuyer

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    “Carmen is the best. Trust her to get the house of your dreams.”

    Ralph Nunley, first-time homebuyer

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    “My husband and I cannot thank you enough for all that you have done for us. We will definitely pass on your info to those looking to purchase a home.”

    TaJauta McLaine, first-time homebuyer

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    “You have done a lot for us. We are so happy with our new home. We appreciate your patience and many years of experience.”

    Thomas and Grace Cordova , first-time homebuyers

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    "Any one that wants to buy their first home...be sure to contact Carmen Hill for advice. She is the best thing that ever happened in my life."

    —J. Nguyen, first-time homebuyer

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    "We are super excited about our house!"

    —Lopez & Hutson, move-up buyers

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    —Family of Jorge Garcia and Maria Perez

  • “I never imagined I’d be a home owner. Never thought I’d be so happy about it either. Thank you for my new home.”

    Mario Lopez, first-time homebuyer

    "Your help is greatly appreciated. You have now helped two generations!"

    —P. King, Investor and mother of first-time homebuyer

    “Thank you for keeping [us] focused on what to do next. I appreciate your professional manner. We are very happy with our new house and we were impressed with your service.”

    —Sandra Barber-Moore, move-up homebuyer

    “As a first-time homebuyer, there was a lot about the process for which I was unfamiliar. Carmen was invaluable for what will be the biggest decision of my life. I love being a homeowner.”

    —Alfreda Woods, first-time homebuyer

    “Carmen knows everything there is to know about real estate and enlightened us on the steps to buying a home. She makes everything easy to understand so it was easy for us to make the right choices.”

    —Felipe Murillo, first-time homebuyer

    “Million of thanks. I now have a residence I can call my own. I thought owning a home was just a dream for people with limited finances but with you walking me through the process, I can now call myself a homeowner.”

    —Veronica Valencia, first-time homebuyer

    “Carmen will work effortlessly to assist you in realizing your dream of being a homeowner. She will educate you on all of the best programs for which you may be eligible. The most important thing is that she is trustworthy and honest. She has been our broker for over 20 years.”

    Llovd and Bobette Harrison, repeat clients

    “Carmen’s years of experience and knowledge of both the marketplace and human nature helped us to overcome our fears, expand our hopes, and narrow down our choices…She was always available to answer questions and provide guidance…She will not tell you what you want to hear or sell you what she wants you to buy…We have a more beautiful home than we ever imagined, in the right place, at the right price.”

    Deborah Jones, first-time homebuyer

  • Investor Testimonials

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    Thank you for giving us the idea and the push to build such a project on our excess land.” Re: new 36 affordable apartment units

    —Charles Rich, Executive Director of David and Margaret Youth and Family Services

  • “Since I’ve been hanging around Carmen, I have been making more money.”

    Mel Bailey, Apartment Owner

    "Your help is greatly appreciated. You have now helped two generations!"

    —P. King, Investor and mother of first-time homebuyer

    “If people understood the value in taking your [investment] class, the competition would be blown out of the water. A friend of mine who lives out of state paid $25K for one of these RE trainings. He calls me every day to help figure out his opportunities. I'd bet that if you charged $1,000 or more for the class people would flock to it. I have taken several real estate classes. None has taught me more than your class. When I start to see too many online and TV ads for these weekend-long courses, I start to get skeptical.”

    —Lionel Jenkins, Investor

    “My family is one of thousands, plus numerous nonprofit organizations and affordable housing developers that have benefitted from Ms. Hill's expertise in all aspects of real estate finance. Over the years, the step-by-step info and tips learned from her classes and workshops enabled us to successfully purchase income property, effectively manage it, as well as profitably refinance it. And I cannot begin to express how grateful I am; or how positively transformative property ownership has been for my family's well being.”

    —Theodora Oyie, Investor

    “Thank you for the invaluable knowledge you gave me in your Real Estate Investments and Property Management classes. Because of your wisdom and teaching, I was successful in taking over the management of a family-owned rental property.”

    —R. Kolostian, Investor

    "I appreciate your professionalism and great attitude. You are a great asset to the community."

    —Diop Bankole, Investor

    "Thank you for your expertise in handling a very difficult escrow. I will definitely recommend your professional services."

    —C. Mayfield, Investor

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