• Renter Workshop

    There are no upcoming renter workshops at this time.

    You can still purchase the exact workbook that was given out at the most recent workshop: "Tips for Renters--How to Find & Apply for Affordable Apartments."
    Tips for Renters—How to Find & Apply for Affordable Apartments

    Tips for Renters—How to Find & Apply for Affordable Apartments

    Overcome the anxiety of finding an apartment that's affordable! This workbook teaches you everything you need to know about finding and applying for affordable apartments. It covers the material in the latest Renter Workshop, presented by Ms. Sherlock Homes.
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  • "The Renter Workshop helped me secure affordable housing!"

    "The renter workshop helped me prepare for all of the challenges, obstacles & pitfalls that I encountered in applying for affordable housing.


    I liken Ms. Carmen Hill's workshop to a bootcamp for a marathon because applying for affordable housing is like running a marathon. A person needs training and conditioning for all the challenges & hardships related to finishing the race of applying for affordable housing. My advice is to see the vision of moving into affordable apartment as the marathon finish line. Keep the Faith and finish that race."

    - Dino C.

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    Dino with his new apartment keys!

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    Dino's new apartment building!

  • "The Renter Workshop helped me get an apartment in Santa Monica!"

    View more photos of Taylor's apartment below!

  • Renter Workshop

    Hear what this attendee has to say about the Renter's Woorkshop: