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    From the Wharton School to Park Avenue in New York City to Century City in Los Angeles, Carmen Hill will use her financial skills to find the best deal for you. Aka Ms. Sherlock Homes, she is committed to sharing the resources and expertise she has gained throughout her career.

  • Ms. Sherlock Homes works with homebuyers as well as investors and developers. She has helped generations to make profitable real estate investments. She also provides training to social service providers on how to secure housing for their consumers.

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  • Hear what others have to say about
    Ms. Sherlock Homes:

    "Professor Hill will help you seal the deal! I really, really enjoy her classes. She will provide you with access to powerful resources that enable you to secure awesome deals for yourself or your clients. She is doing wonderful things for our community."

    —S. Leffall, former student & current real estate agent

    "Carmen has selflessly volunteered her treasured time and talents for the community--providing housing advice for the homeless, teaching workshops, etc. She has been a tremendous asset."

    —A. Parvenu, community activist
  • Recent Acknowledgements

    Ms. Sherlock Homes is quoted in various articles, speaks on panels as an industry expert, and has received awards.


    "You can build wealth by building the community." - Carmen Hill  



    Featured in Bisnow, "Opportunity Zone Investment
    Is Still Flocking To Areas That Don't Really Need It."

    "Carmen Hill, an adjunct real estate professor at Cerritos College
    and a local advocate for the opportunity zone program,
    has observed a lot of investment happening in opportunity zones
    where gentrification has already taken hold and
    where steady streams of wealthier residents are flowing in.

    She pointed to the opportunity zone that includes
    the Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Mall.
    The mall sold in August for more than $140M with entitlements
    to add housing, offices and green space on the 42-acre site.

    'Maybe 10 years ago that area was struggling,'
    Hill said, but now, 'they’ve got houses selling
    for over a million dollars there.'"

    Featured in Bisnow, "Two Years After The Pandemic,
    Much Has Changed.
    CRE Is Just Fine With That.

    "CitiHousing Real Estate Services broker Carmen Hill said the strength of the multifamily market has also spurred redevelopment in many places, such as in her home market of South Central LA, and will continue to do so.

    "'Many of the outdated commercial buildings are being demolished for multifamily apartment projects due to the high demand for rentals because of high single-family housing prices' she said."

    Featured in the following Build to Rent article:

    Carmen Hill, as a real estate broker and past President of the MultiCultural Real Estate Alliance, does not support the "build to rent" programs described in this article.


    "If households can afford to pay $2500-$3000+ to rent a house, then there are many community resources that can help them qualify to buy a house: credit counseling, down payment assistance programs, training programs offered by community colleges to boost income, etc..."

    Featured in Black Women Lawyers Association's Summer 2020 Newsletter, "Ask The Experts: 15 questions about real estate," page 5

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    Carmen Hill as past President of the MultiCultural Real Estate Alliance was invited to the gala installation of Jared Martin, the 2019 President of the California Association of Realtors.

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    Participant on the panel on Opportunity Zones at USC Lusk Center for Real Estate, Ross Program, June 2019.

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    Nominated for the 2019 Advancing Real Estate Education Center Award, presented by the California Community Colleges Real Estate Education Center "for commitment to instructional excellence and student success."

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    Not able to attend a workshop? No problem! You can purchase the exact workbooks used in each workshop and have them delivered straight to your door! This price includes shipping.

    Buying Income Property—the Basics

    Buying Income Property—the Basics

    Get the tools you need to sell & purchase income property! This workbook teaches you all of the major keys of buying income property in order to help you answer the key question: does the return outweigh the risk? It covers the material in the Real Estate Investments 18-Week Course by Ms. Sherlock Homes.
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    Tips for Renters—How to Find & Apply for Affordable Apartments

    Tips for Renters—How to Find & Apply for Affordable Apartments

    Overcome the anxiety of finding an apartment that's affordable! This workbook teaches you everything you need to know about finding and applying for affordable apartments. It covers the material in the latest Renter Workshop, presented by Ms. Sherlock Homes.
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    Buying a Home Doesn't Have to Be Scary—the 15 FAQ's by First-time Homebuyers

    Buying a Home Doesn't Have to Be Scary—the 15 FAQ's by First-time Homebuyers

    The home buying process is particularly scary if you have never purchased real estate. The terminology is foreign and you are fearful that you will make the wrong purchase. This workbook helps you overcome homebuyer anxiety by answering the most frequently asked questions on buying your first home. It covers the material in the latest Homebuyer Workshop, presented by Ms. Sherlock Homes.
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